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F4ENews - February 2014

Europe manufactures its first cryopump components for ITER

The year starts with the successful manufacturing of the cryopanels and thermal shields for the Pre-Production Cryopump (PPC).


F4E radial plate suppliers start production

CNIM Industrial Systems and SIMIC Spa have started manufacturing the first of the 70 radial plates.


The Fusion for Energy family gains a new member

F4E welcomed Croatia as a new member during the Governing Board meeting.


Installation of prototype accelerator opens new chapter for IFMIF

Europe and Japan begin assembly of components and will start testing in 2017.


Highlights from the ITER construction site

Watch the most significant moments of 2013 in one clip.


2012 F4E Annual Report published

The 2012 Annual Report reports on the progress of Europe’s contribution to ITER and the Broader Approach.


More concrete for the ITER Tokamak complex

A new chapter begins on the ITER construction site.


Maria van der Hoeven – the pragmatic visionary

An interview with the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) about the politics of energy.


Energy decision makers meet at MIIFED 2013

Monaco International Fusion Energy Days (MIIFED) gain momentum and gather 350 guests from policy, industry and research.


Denmark’s companies get ready for ITER

Small and big companies put together their resources, expertise and skills to build ITER.


“Helios” and GÉANT connect at Europe’s biggest ICT conference

Broader Approach supercomputer approaches Europe's ICT community.


F4E presents business opportunities to Croatian and Maltese industry

Information Days were organised in Zagreb and Valletta in order to present the ITER project and F4E as an organisation.


Cutting-edge enough for Europe's innovation prize in fusion?

The European Commission has launched a prize to reward excellent researchers and industries involved in fusion.


Vote for ITER

Can you imagine building a section of the ITER Tokamak with Lego?




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