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Media Corner
19 April 2017

Vacuum Vessel partners share know-how and demonstrate commitment to ITER delivery

The participants shared technology and fabrication experiences in relation to the ITER Vacuum Vessel and are committed to ensuring its delivery

Committed to delivering the Vacuum Vessel contribution to the ITER project, over 30 experts from F4E, ITER IO, the Indian, Korean and Russian ITER Domestic Agencies, and European, Russian and Korean industrial partners came together in a Vacuum Vessel collaboration meeting held at the Spanish headquarters of Equipos Nucleares SA (ENSA) – a company working both for ITER IO and the AMW consortium (the European consortium consists of companies Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A, Mangiarotti S.p.A and Walter Tosto S.p.A). Industry partners attending also included Hyundai Heavy Industries and MAN Diesel and Turbo, as subcontractors for the Korean and Russian ITER Domestic Agencies respectively.

Participants shared the technology and experience of fabrication of the ITER Vacuum Vessel, including the ports and the In-Wall shielding plates, and discussed the development pathway for fabrication issues. Special focus was also given to the new technologies for fabrication of the Vacuum Vessel sectors, especially welding, non-destructive examination (NDE) and dimensional measurement. 

F4E Director, Johannes Schwemmer, emphasised the importance of valuable collaboration in ensuring delivery of the Vacuum Vessel. “At this crucial stage in Vacuum Vessel fabrication we count on all our partners’ know-how in nuclear manufacturing.” 

After visiting the ENSA facilities, the Director added, “I am particularly impressed by the complete approach ENSA takes to nuclear quality, including having its own metrology and materials science laboratories. Even more impressive is ENSA's focus on innovation and its broad use of industrial robots specifically adapted to nuclear-grade welding”.