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Media Corner
08 August 2012

F4E showcases ITER at Euroscience Open Forum 2012

ESOF 2012 in Dublin hosted a number of different talks and activites for over 20,000 international participants.

A global gathering of Nobel prize laureates and other distinguished names in the field of science policy, dialogue on science’s role in society, and dynamic F4E videos showing the action on the ITER site – this is how the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) which took place in July best can be summarised. As Europe’s largest, general science meeting, this bi-annual event celebrated its fifth edition and brought together more than 2,000 scientists, research institutes, business leaders, science communicators and media. The event, also open to the public, gave over 20,000 visitors the opportunity to learn more about scientific breakthroughs, debate communication trends and celebrate the added value of science in our daily life. The docks of Dublin, where the event took place, was a hive of activity with participants excitedly gathered together in order to discuss, network and learn.

F4E participated by means of an exhibition stand where apart from the video clips from the ITER site, visitors could get the low-down on F4E’s mission and objectives and position fusion in the current debate of energy mix. The newly produced F4E factsheets proved to be a hit and many visitors were eager to start subscribing to F4E News. F4E’s technical expert Mario Cavinato captivated the crowd with a presentation about ITER and Europe’s contribution to the project and enthusiastically answered questions about the technical aspects of ITER. With the complexity of the project made clear, the general public’s understanding of the schedule and challenges was heightened and the potential contribution fusion can make to the global energy situation was fully appreciated. Indeed, as one member of the public remarked: “If you guys manage to get fusion working, then all the world’s energy problems could be solved”.

The next ESOF will take place in Copenhagen in 2014.