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About Fusion for Energy

Director and Staff


The Director is the chief executive officer of Fusion for Energy and is responsible for its day-to-day management.


The Director is the chief executive officer responsible for the day-to-day management of F4E and its legal representative. The Director appoints and manages the staff working in the organisation. In addition the Director:

Pietro Barabaschi
Johannes Schwemmer, Director of F4E
  • draws up the project plan, resource estimates plan, work programmes, annual budgets, staff establishment plan and staff policy plan;
  • implements the work programmes and the budget, keeps the inventory and draws up the annual accounts;
  • defines the organisational structure of 'Fusion for Energy';
  • ensures the application of sound financial management and internal controls;
  • draws up rules on intellectual property rights and industrial policy, and on the dissemination of information;
  • draws up the annual activity report and any other reports requested by the governing Board or Executive Committee;
  • assists the Governing Board, the Executive Committee and any subsidiary bodies by providing their secretariat;
  • draws up rules for making human resources available for ITER the Broader Approach.

By decision of the Governing Board dated 6 October 2015, Johannes Schwemmer has been appointed Director effective as of 1 January 2016.

The Director takes part in the meetings of the Governing Board, Executive Committee and Technical Advisory Panel.

The Fusion Staff


The staff of F4E are appointed by the Director and contribute to the execution of the organisation’s duties. They are generally nationals of the Members of the Joint Undertaking and are subject to the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Communities .

F4E seeks highly specialised and qualified staff to work at the cutting edge of fusion technology at its offices in Barcelona.

If you are interested in working at F4E, please consult the "Career opportunities" page.