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About Fusion for Energy

Organisation Structure

The organisation has the following members which can be likened to “shareholders”:

  • Euratom, represented by the European Commission;
  • the member states of Euratom;
  • third countries which have concluded cooperation agreements with Euratom in fusion that associate their respective research programmes with the Euratom programmes and which have expressed their wish to become members.

The current members are therefore the 28 Member States of the European Union, Euratom and Switzerland as a third country.

Each member sits in the Governing Board, the main body which supervises F4E. The Governing Board is assisted by the following committees:

In accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency and independence, a policy managing potential conflicts interest applies to F4E’s Governing Board and Committees as well as to staff members.

A Fraud Prevention Strategy has also been adopted by the Governing Board applying to all F4E bodies and staff.

The Director is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for day-to-day management of the organisation.

To view the organisational structure of F4E click here.