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Career Opportunities

On-going selections

For each selection procedure, an independent Selection Committee is established composed mainly of the staff members of Fusion for Energy. Selection Committees established for Temporary and Contract Agent selections are composed of a minimum of 3 members: a member from the relevant service,a member from the Administration Department and a member designated by the Staff Committee. In specific cases, in particular for selection procedures of highly specialised / technical positions, a maximum of two additional members and/or advisors may be designated.

The proceedings and deliberations of the Selection Committee are strictly confidential and any contact with its members is strictly forbidden.

The members of the Selection Committee examine all the applications, making a careful comparison of each candidate's qualifications and draw up short-lists of eligible candidates who meet all essential selection criteria and have the best profiles for the specific needs to be invited for the interview. The criteria on which the Selection Committee bases its decision are those stated in the Vacancy Notice of the position published on the website.Only candidates on the short-list can have the opportunity to take part in the interviews. All the candidates, invited and non invited, are informed on the progress of the selection process in due time by email.

After the interviews, the Selection Committee draws up a reserve list with the most suitable candidates, which is adopted by the Appointing Authority and is valid for a minimum of 1 year.

All the candidates interviewed are informed on the outcome of the interviews by email.

Showing all on-going closed vacancies

Closing Date: 02 July 2019
Reserve List Expiration Date: 31 December 2020
Technical Officer - Interfaces and Site Coordination Engineer
  • Guide for Applicants
Closing Date: 07 August 2019
Reserve List Expiration Date: 31 December 2020
Financial Assistant
  • Guide for Applicants

No position at this time

No position at this time

Spontaneous applications

It is recommended that applications are sent solely in response to specific published vacancies and within the stated deadlines. Due to the high number of spontaneous applications sent to Fusion for Energy, it is not possible to grant each the required attention, therefore F4E will not acknowledge receipt of spontaneous applications or internship requests.