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Career Opportunities

Working at Fusion for Energy (F4E)

Europe is the home of the world’s greatest energy research project - ITER!

This is a project of unprecedented scale, complexity and ambition that brings together seven parties representing half of the world’s population in the quest to realise the potential of fusion as a clean and virtually limitless source of energy.

F4E was created on 27 March 2007 for a period of 35 years with a budget of around 4 billion Euros for the first ten years. By providing almost one-half of ITER’s components, F4E will play a key role in making the project a success. F4E is also implementing the Broader Approach activities with Japan which will help accelerate the development of fusion and, in the longer term, F4E will prepare a programme for the first fusion Demonstration Power Plants (DEMO).

With such an impressive portfolio of responsibilities, F4E has become an international centre of excellence in fusion research attracting talent and expertise across Europe as well as implementing a new model of S&T cooperation.

A career in F4E

Working in F4E offers you the opportunity to join the European Union Civil Service, which brings together more than 35,000 civil servants across the Europe, where you can develop a challenging and rewarding career in a multicultural environment.

Throughout your career you will be offered possibilities for self-improvement by means of in-house training, language courses and professional skills that will help you enhance your career prospects.

A career in 'Fusion for Energy' offers you:

  • a challenging job at the heart of EU affairs,
  • excellent remuneration and working conditions,
  • career development and training opportunities,
  • a comprehensive welfare package and a pension scheme,
  • insurance coverage that covers medical expenses, accident and occupational disease,
  • unemployment and invalidity allowance.

F4E members of staff are subject to the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities and Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Communities.

Conditions to join F4E

Be a citizen of one of the member states of the EU or of a third state fully associated with the Euratom fusion program (Switzerland).

Have a thorough knowledge of one official EU language and a satisfactory knowledge of another.

Possess the required educational qualifications, depending on the category and grade of the vacancy notice.

Have fulfilled any military service requirements in their own country.


Candidates are recruited in the grade of the vacancy notice for the position advertised at step 1. Depending on the years of professional experience, a maximum of an additional step might be granted. The salary grid presents the basic salary. Taxes and contributions are deducted from it.


Members of staff of F4E may be entitled to different allowances:

Expatriation: an allowance is payable for working outside the country from which you are recruited, and from which you are not a national (around 16% of the basic salary).

Domestic allowances: Various allowances are payable depending on the family situation of the employee (household allowance, dependant children allowance, educational allowances, etc.).

Travel: Apart from travel and removal costs on taking up duties, between or from places of employment, travel costs can also be allowed for employees to their place of origin each year.


The maximum retirement pension is 70% of the basic final salary.

Annual leave

Annual leave starts at 24 days per year. Extra leave is granted according to several criteria (grade, distance between place of work and place of origin, etc.)


Barcelona is the administrative, economic and cultural capital of Catalonia. Innovation, industry and entrepreneurialism have always been high on the agenda, having been considered as key drivers of growth and jobs.

During the Barcelona EU Council (2002), the commitment to covert the EU into the most knowledge-driven economy was reiterated together with the need to increase the overall spending on R&D reaching 3% of the GDP by 2010.

F4E is located in Barcelona’s @22 area, the city’s innovation technology cluster.

Barcelona is the European city with the highest quality of life for its workers.

It enjoys an average temperature of 17, 6º C throughout the year and complements its cosmopolitan lifestyle and vibrant cultural life with the nature of the Mediterranean coast line and the Pyrenees mountain range.

How to apply

F4E publishes all its job vacancies on:

Each vacancy notice presents specific details regarding the selection procedure, working conditions and modalities on how to apply.

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