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F4ENews - October 2014

Europe takes ITER construction to the next level

The floor upon which the biggest fusion machine in the world will rely on has been constructed.


F4E signs contracts for the Blanket First Wall full-scale prototype

An exciting technical challenge, the European manufacturing of the Blanket First Wall full-scale prototypes is moving forward.


Robotics software could generate ITER savings of roughly 7 million EUR

GENERIS could be integrated into ITER’s Remote Handling Control System.


Europe completes the production of its superconducting wire for the Toroidal Field coils

Longer than 20,000 km, heavier than 97 tonnes and with a circumference that is half of the earth!


F4E collaborates with IDOM on high tech ITER systems

Opening a new chapter in the field of Diagnostics that will help us study and control ITER’s incredibly powerful plasma.


See the progress of the ITER Toroidal Field coils!

Exclusive footage showing how the biggest magnets are being manufactured.


How to submit an F4E tender?

Easier than you thought, clearly explained and fun to watch!



Get ready for the Fusion for Energy Forum!

The biggest business meeting point for industry, SMEs and European fusion laboratories is coming to Barcelona, 10-12 June 2015.


SOFT optimism in the air

Ready to tackle ITER, eager to tussle with its intricacies and enthusiastic about DEMO.


F4E presents ITER business opportunities to Danish industry

ITER offers valuable business opportunities for Danish and other European SMEs, said Henrik Bindslev during the meeting.


F4E meets with Fusion Industry Innovation Forum

Representatives of industry and fusion laboratories explore common strategy.




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