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It has been almost two years since Fusion for Energy (F4E), the Domestic Agency responsible for providing Euratom’s contribution to ITER, was formally established as a financially independent body. Looking back, an impressive volume of work has been achieved in a particularly short time frame.

In terms of investing in human potential, we have come a long way. By the end of 2009, F4E counts more than 200 staff members from engineering, scientific, legal and administrative backgrounds. We had to rigourously select employees with expertise and commitment in order to build a highly qualified and dedicated team, of which I am very proud.

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Europe pre-qualifies for the procurement of the ITER Blanket First Wall and Divertor

When it comes to multi-parties shared procurement packages of high technology, the Domestic Agencies (DAs) in charge of the procurement package must go through a qualification process in order to demonstrate their technical capability to carry out the procurement with the required quality and in an efficient and timely manner.

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Unique power supply system for 2 MW gyrotrons completed in Europe

A unique new power supply system has recently been installed and successfully tested at the European Electron Cyclotron Test Facility in Lausanne (CRPP-EPFL, Switzerland). A project which lasted approximately three years, this fully solid-state power supply system is the first of its kind to feed gyrotrons which generate 2 MW of radio frequency waves for plasma heating and current drive – twice the power of the most performing gyrotrons installed in fusion devices. The 2 MW gyrotron is currently being developed in Europe for the ITER project.

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Development of the EU gyrotron for ITER: going beyond present-day technology
Europe, responsible for one third of the Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive (EC H&CD) power sources for ITER, is developing a 2 MW gyrotron.
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Introducing our industry partners
Luvata supplier of 62 tonnes of copper wire for the TF coils
Luvata, with headquarters in Pori, Finland, goes back to the end of the 16th century. Since then, the company has come a long way and today offers different solutions of copper and other metals for applications ranging from microprocessors to solar applications and low temperature superconductors.
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Focus on F4E’s Magnet Group
F4E’s Magnet Group is in charge of the supply of the ITER magnet components assigned to Europe. Since the magnet production is very critical for the overall ITER construction schedule, the Group has already launched several manufacturing contracts for the procurement of the Toroidal Field (TF) and Poloidal Field (PF) conductors and fabrication of 10 TF winding packs assigned to Europe.
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F4E and b-Tec welcome the Swedish Royal Technology Mission

A delegation of 30 high level entrepreneurs, scientists and policy makers have been selected by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), whose patron is His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, to visit Spain and learn more about different European projects in the areas of energy and environment and the ways that industry and research can help one another to create growth and jobs.

Rencontres D’Affaires Fusion Nucleaire et ITER

An event bringing together over 100 actors from the Spanish and French markets dealing with nuclear and fusion energy was held in Barcelona in October and was co-organised by Ubifrance, the Generalitat of Catalonia, CDTI and Le Comité Industriel ITER.

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ITER for Swiss Industry
With this industry event, Switzerland demonstrated their continued active participation in the ITER project.
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President of Catalonia visits F4E
The President of Catalonia, Mr José Montilla, made an official visit to the F4E offices on 4th June. The visit, which lasted two hours, saw the presence of 25 press, radio and TV journalists as well as VIPs from Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), the EU representation in Barcelona and the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC).
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Procurement Arrangements

Procurement Arrangements signed between ITER Organization and Fusion for Energy in 2009

Poloidal Field (PF) conductor
signed in May 2009
Poloidal Field (PF) coils
signed in June 2009
Tokamak pit excavations
signed in May 2009
Anti-seismic bearings
signed in May 2009
Architect/engineer (A/E) services for ITER site construction and buildings
signed in May 2009
Power supplies neutral beam injectors
signed in July 2009
Seven Vacuum Vessel Sectors:
signed in November 2009
Detailed Design of the Steady State and Pulsed Power Electrical Networks (SSEN & PPEN)
signed in October 2009


F4E’s first Annual Report published!

The publication of the first Annual Report of F4E offers a comprehensive account of the different milestones that our young organisation managed to deliver during 2007 and 2008.

Building a partnership with industry and SMEs

A new brochure has been added to the F4E publications targeting specifically industry and SMEs. With industry playing a key role in stimulating innovation, jobs and growth and nearly 20 million of Europe’s companies qualifying as SMEs, it is considered that F4E by managing Europe’s contribution to the ITER project, can be part of the EU’s effort to kick start the economy.