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Media Corner


27 May 2011
Two Information Meetings in the area of Diagnostics will be organised on the 2 and 8 of June.
19 May 2011
On 17 May, F4E hosted an Information Day to present opportunities in engineering activities for the Test Blanket Modules Systems for ITER.
19 April 2011
F4E is organising an information meeting to present the forthcoming engineering support Call for tender of the European Test Blanket Modules
18 April 2011
F4E presents the technical requirements, procurement strategy, financial rules and scheduling for the Remote Handling Procurement Packages.
12 April 2011
F4E staff answered questions from Swiss companies on procurement procedures, upcoming calls for tender and technical details.
14 March 2011
An Information Day on the opportunities in fabrication development activities for the TBM for ITER was held on 9 March.
02 March 2011
An Information Day to present the Remote Handling Procurement Packages is being organised by F4E on 14 April in Barcelona.
22 February 2011
F4E representatives had the chance to meet Danish robotics companies at a highly-specialised workshop
13 February 2011
On 10 February, the F4E Audit Committee held its first meeting in Barcelona.
07 February 2011
Attendance was high at the F4E-bFUS Industrial Seminar event which took place on 3 February in Barcelona.