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03 December 2015
How can companies, laboratories and SMEs contribute to the biggest energy project?
05 October 2015
Potential bidders visit the premises of the facility to grasp the technical challenge
05 October 2015
Attendees came from European Fusion Laboratories and industry, as well as scientific organisations such as CERN.
01 October 2015
Technology students debate tomorrow’s energy mix
31 July 2015
The objective of the workshop was to discuss the progress being made on the development and integration of the EU ITER Diagnostic Systems.
24 July 2015
Attendees gathered together to share information and discuss the status of the divertor procurement, on-going R&D and future plans.
21 July 2015
Representatives from industry explore the business potential of big energy projects like ITER.
13 July 2015
Companies and fusion laboratories join forces and share know-how.
11 June 2015
A first-of-its-kind European superconducting magnet will be produced for the EU 1MW gyrotron prototype.
13 May 2015
The information session was about an upcoming contract for the first-stage design of the Core Plasma Thomson Scattering (CPTS) diagnostic.