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18 December 2017
F4E, CERN, ESO and ESS unveil an array of business opportunities.
04 December 2017
An emotional night counting our achievements and highlighting how what we do can change the world.
15 November 2017
How will the two parties help their industries work closer together?
06 November 2017
Egis, Assystem, Atkins, and Empresarios Agrupados are praised for their innovative work by the French Federation of Engineering Firms.
27 October 2017
F4E is participating alongside the best European scientific organisations
25 September 2017
High-level visit from ITER China and the Ministry of Science and Technology further strengthen European and Chinese collaboration on fusion.
27 July 2017
Ties between Europe and China are getting stronger.
14 July 2017
Indrek Tarand, Vice-Chair of the Budgetary Control Committee witnesses first-hand the progress on the worksite
03 July 2017
Visit provides an opportunity to witness progress on “port plugs” and neutral beam development
23 June 2017
The policy seminar highlights the future potential of fusion to provide “Clean Energy for All Europeans”