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Media Corner
04 March 2009

F4E First Meeting on Buildings for ITER

F4E First Meeting on Buildings for ITER


The first thematic meeting to present the seven procurement packages during 2009-2011 for the construction of the ITER buildings was held on 4-5 March at the Château de Cadarache, France.

The first day, the meeting focussed on the procurement packages for the support contracts, which are awarded to companies providing support services, for example in architectural engineering or owner support.

The meeting’s second day especially focussed on the coming construction contracts. The current status of the work and the work strategy was presented. Participants were informed about the contracts of PF coils building, Pre-excavation and Excavation, and Seismic isolators fabrication. The procurement schedule was introduced.

Attendance for the two-day meeting was high, 82 representatives from technical support companies attended the meeting on the 4th and 96 the next day. A large number of ILOs also attended.

Apart from the information aspect, the meeting was a good opportunity for discussion with support and construction companies regarding the scope of contracts and the procurement process.

Further meetings on the progress and the global strategy will take place in the near future.


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