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Media Corner
31 July 2010

Possession of the ITER site transferred from CEA to the ITER Organization

Harry Tuinder, ITER Legal Advisor, Bernard Bigot, High Representative for ITER in France, and ITER Director-General at the time, Kaname Ikeda, look on as the notary public finalises the deed that transfers site responsibility from CEA to the ITER Organization; © AIF Lesenechal July 2010

Marking a new phase in the history of the ITER organisation, ITER Director-General at the time, Kaname Ikeda, and the High Representative for ITER in France, Bernard Bigot, signed the notarial deed that transfers the responsibility and the possession of the ITER site from the CEA, representing France, to the ITER Organization. The ceremony, which took place on 6 July in Cadarache, was held in the presence of representatives from the ITER Organization, CEA, F4E and the media.

The notarial deed specifies that approximately 100 hectares will be made available to the ITER Organization for the duration of the ITER Agreement (24 October 2042), with a further reserve of 65 hectares if necessary. Four years of work to prepare the site for the construction of the ITER buildings and installations have been carried out conjointly between the Host country, represented by Agence Iter France, and F4E.

The ITER Organization will take responsibility and possession of the ITER site as from 26 July 2010. Kaname Ikeda stated: "We do not underestimate the importance of the responsibility that is now ours. We will do everything that is in our power to perform in compliance with the commitments to which the ITER partners have subscribed.”

Bernard Bigot, High Representative for ITER in France, added: "[This signature] marks the entry of the ITER project in a new phase, an essential phase - that of the actual construction of the machine after three years of intense preparatory work on the site and the finalisation of the detailed design of the machine."