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Media Corner
03 October 2013

F4E takes ITER to the biggest campus party

Inside the O2 Arena hosting this year’s event

It’s an event like no other. Thousands from all over Europe reach the same destination to celebrate the triumphs of ICT during five days. The event brings together graduates, journalists, intellectuals, business executives and policy-makers who share the same enthusiasm about technology breakthroughs. They go on stage to present, discuss and debate new findings.
For some it’s a source of inspiration for a new career path and for others a way to find out what is coming in the next couple of years. It’s Campus Party Europe!

This year’s event was hosted in London for the first time between 2-7 September at the O2 Arena and aimed to attract the interest of 10,000 participants otherwise known as "Campuseros". The informal nature of the event allowed people to move freely from one session to another and to participate in 500 hours of content distributed between conferences, workshops, competitions and activities across 20 themes.

F4E agreed to participate for the second year in a row and through a short talk and a series of clips it generated a fair amount of interest. F4E’s Dr Mario Cavinato went on stage and invited the crowd to go back in time in order to understand how fusion energy has evolved and what potential it has, what are the challenges that our energy mix faces, how ITER has made progress and what Europe’s contribution is. The crowd responded well to the presentation and raised questions regarding the plasma temperatures, the relation between magnetic and inertial confinement concepts, the performance of JET and the ITER machine. "Overall, I found this event rewarding because it allows us to interact with people in a very spontaneous way. We bring science and technology closer to so many different groups who are eager to learn and become more aware of the technologies in ITER and their potential. It was a great opportunity to connect both with professionals and young passionate students" he explained.

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