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Media Corner
27 October 2014

F4E meets with Fusion Industry Innovation Forum

F4E and FIIF representatives during the meeting, October 2014

Reaching out to key stakeholders is one of F4E’s key objectives. “We ought to listen, understand and evaluate the different suggestions regarding Europe’s contribution to ITER, and the challenging path to DEMO, in order to ensure that our industry and innovation hubs are on board” explained F4E’s Director, Professor Henrik Bindslev, in his opening remarks.
In line with F4E’s revamped industrial policy, which aims to promote direct interaction with industry and European fusion laboratories, the organisation has built a communication bridge with the Fusion Industry Innovation Forum (FIIF) which represents different commercial and institutional voices from the fusion community. The FIIF was established in 2010 with a clear focus on the fusion roadmap, the various possibilities of technology transfer and the transmission of technical skills to industry in order to give Europe’s workforces a competitive edge and help them bring commercial fusion a step closer.

The composition of this body offers F4E a unique opportunity to liaise with a cluster of professionals, which is manageable in number and is broad in expertise. Moreover, its mission is congruent with the three areas that F4E is expected to deliver: ITER, the Broader Approach and DEMO. For these reasons, F4E has taken the initiative to host a yearly meeting with FIIF in Barcelona, and offer to all participants comprehensive updates on the state of manufacturing and construction; the tenders in the pipeline and key events, like the Fusion for Energy Industry Forum, that is of interest to its members. 

The F4E Director together with a team of colleagues working in the areas of market and business intelligence, stakeholder relations, contracts and procurement, welcomed the FIIF members and restated their intention to maintain a frank and constructive dialogue. Mr Alain Henri Bernard Chevalier, Chair of FIIF belonging to AMEC UK, confirmed the value of this annual meeting and thanked F4E for this initiative. A series of topics were tackled ranging from F4E’s progress report, its industrial policy and future industry incentives. F4E staff took this opportunity to communicate rules regarding IPR, contract management and the strategy that underpins some of the procurement packages.
The next meeting is scheduled to take place in October 2015.