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Media Corner


05 November 2019
Intensified collaboration for the benefit of the European fusion programme.
04 November 2019
F4E and SIMIC accelerate insertion and welding of the coil cases.
28 October 2019
Swiss-manufactured high voltage power supplies by Ampegon mark the beginning of more units to follow under F4E’s responsibility.
09 October 2019
Europe and China complete the first large superconducting magnet of the biggest fusion device.
01 October 2019
Framatome, Atmostat and the consortium of Iberdrola, Wood, Leading unveil their components.
05 September 2019
Testing verifies that the power supply equipment that F4E has delivered and the power supply components provided by QST work well together.
03 September 2019
Critical steps in the manufacturing the five European Vacuum Vessel sectors have been reached – three major tasks have been completed.
12 August 2019
F4E and Air Liquide bring cooling power to MITICA experiment.
05 August 2019
Components of the world’s highest beam perveance accelerator pass tests.
24 July 2019
The moment of truth for European and Japanese equipment at ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility.