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Media Corner


02 April 2020
Cables connecting 1200 sensors are in production.
26 March 2020
Europe paves the way for the assembly of the ITER device.
23 March 2020
F4E and De Pretto Industrie complete the second part of the vessel for the MITICA experiment.
09 March 2020
F4E in collaboration with industry manufactures the ITER Toroidal Field coil.
05 March 2020
A close partnership sealed through the Broader Approach agreement.
05 March 2020
The race of know-how for their assembly and fabrication is about to begin.
25 February 2020
Experts from F4E, ITER Organization, industry and laboratories gather to discuss the way.
04 February 2020
F4E is ready to assemble the first prototype and to get industry involved.
28 January 2020
F4E concludes Preliminary Design Review of ITER In-Vessel Viewing system