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21 December 2017
The technical documentation is needed to integrate the TBSs into the larger ITER safety demonstration.
13 December 2017
The JT-60SA cryostat vessel body’s 12 large sectors are currently making their way from Spain to Japan.
12 December 2017
Commissioning and operation at SPIDER will start in early 2018 opening a new chapter for the heating systems of the biggest fusion device.
30 November 2017
F4E workshop brings together companies to discuss how production could be automated.
21 November 2017
The impressive component weighing 120 tonnes has departed from the ASG factory, La Spezia, Italy, and will travel by sea to Venice.
15 November 2017
This parallel production of such a large number of geometrically complex mechanical sectors is in contrast to last year's production of one
13 November 2017
Discover how Europe is making progress with the manufacturing of the Pre-Compression Rings.
31 October 2017
Take a peek inside the impressive infrastructure which will help scientists test powerful heating systems.
23 October 2017
The massive fridge of the biggest fusion machine is shaping up.
04 October 2017
Discover the progress of Europe’s fifth Poloidal Field coil.