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12 December 2018
Europe unveils ITER Toroidal Field coil in its stainless steel case - a first in the history of the project.
03 December 2018
F4E together with ALSYOM-SEIV will deliver the powerful beam source for ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility.
26 November 2018
F4E and ITER Organization sign Procurement Agreement that will deliver the cryopump systems for the torus and the cryostat.
22 November 2018
All 70 Double Pancakes have been produced.
19 November 2018
F4E signs a contract with Sgenia for manufacturing of platforms into which diagnostic sensors will be integrated, for installation in ITER.
14 November 2018
F4E has installed most of the equipment that will connect the second experiment of the ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility to the grid.
09 November 2018
Tests have shown that F4E's Diagnostic Shielding Module is well-optimised for remote handling maintenance of port-based diagnostics.
07 November 2018
Europe and Russia start testing F4E’s first full-scale prototype of the Inner-Vertical Target.
30 October 2018
From 1 November 2018, all tenders which answer F4E Calls for Tender must be submitted to F4E via a new E-submission tool.
25 October 2018
An army of fiducial nests to safeguard the installation of components.