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12 August 2019
F4E and Air Liquide bring cooling power to MITICA experiment.
05 August 2019
Components of the world’s highest beam perveance accelerator pass tests.
24 July 2019
The moment of truth for European and Japanese equipment at ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility.
19 July 2019
The engineering company AVS will assess F4E's on-going Diagnostics design works in terms of manufacturing feasibility, cost and risks.
16 July 2019
To rationalise the use of personnel and budget resources for fusion research, F4E welcomes four new EUROfusion secondees to work on TBM.
06 July 2019
ITER is seeking three Senior Executives with over 20 years experience to lead the domains of Construction, Engineering and Corporate.
05 July 2019
Memorandum of Understanding signed in July 2019
27 June 2019
ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility celebrates a year in operation.
25 June 2019
F4E and its suppliers shake up schedule and accelerate.
13 June 2019
F4E, De Pretto Industrie and Consorzio RFX successfully complete the task.