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Media Corner
23 February 2010

Call for tender for supply of seven vacuum vessel sectors launched

An important milestone in the European ITER project procurement was reached on 12 February when F4E launched the call for tender for the supply of seven vacuum vessel sectors. A vital part of the ITER machine, the vacuum vessel sectors will join together to form the tokamak – the doughnut-shaped device inside the ITER machine which contains the 150 million degrees centigrade hot, electrically charged plasma necessary to produce fusion.

In total, the tokamak will consist of nine vacuum vessel sectors. Additional to the seven that Europe is producing, the remaining two will be contributed by the Korean Domestic Agency.

Further information about this tender which is addressed to the economic operators that were selected via the foregoing restricted procedure can be found under the heading Negotiated Procedures - "F4E-2010-OPE-068 (MS-VV)".

With this launch, Europe demonstrates its commitment to its procurement responsibilities and the ITER project in general.