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Media Corner
20 October 2009

Spreading fusion to the people

The seed for a fusion awareness campaign was sown during May this year and from that a collaboration between the EU, ITER IO and the American, Indian, Korean and Japanese Domestic Agencies flourished. The result, was published by New Scientist, a renowned science magazine that reports, explores and interprets science in the context of society and culture.

The campaign, consisting of an editorial, article, free handout posters as well as a specific website, was published earlier this month in two shots. Readers can learn about the history of fusion as well as the process of fusion which is illustrated from A-Z. There is also a piece about the environmental impact and an illustration of fusion and popular culture: how the science of fusion has been used in movie scripts. Articles read positive and fusion is branded as a racing certainty.

A milestone in global fusion communication, this effort demonstrates how Domestic Agencies and other ITER parties can work together to achieve major communication projects. In addition to the readers of New Scientist magazine, the posters will be disseminated to teachers and students at schools all over America, as well as at EU events. It is clear that the good word of fusion is reaching the masses!