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Media Corner
26 November 2008

Engineers discuss the mechanics of fusion energy!

Engineers discuss the mechanics of fusion energy!

The Academy of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia has decided to organise two workshops to discuss the science behind fusion reactors and the opportunities stemming from fusion energy for the Catalan economy, industry and academia.

The first workshop took place on 4 November and focused on the themes of fusion reactors and the progress of the ITER project. It brought together 100 professionals and generated a lot of interest amongst young engineers.

José Maria García moderated a panel of three keynote speakers presenting regional, national and European perspectives in the area of fusion research and development.

Javier Dies, Director of Fusion Energy Engineering Laboratory, explained the principles of fusion and Catalonia’s scientific endeavours in the respective domain.  
Joaquín Sánchez, Director of the National Fusion Laboratory (CIEMAT), presented Spain’s research initiatives in fusion and discussed the potential of the DEMO reactor.
Federico Casci, from Fusion for Energy's ITER Department, offered an account regarding the progress of the ITER project and Europe's overall contribution in this experiment.

The three speakers addressed amongst other things, the feasibility and roadmap towards a fusion reactor which generated a number of questions regarding the challenges that fusion energy still faces and the opportunities offered by the ITER project.

The second workshop addressing the business and economic incentives linked to the ITER project will take place 17 December.