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Media Corner
03 November 2010

Progress report on ITER site activity

Work is progressing on the ITER site in Cadarache

Activity is buzzing on the ITER site: Bulldozers, power shovels, and construction cranes are working full speed ahead.

August saw the first excavation works for the complex tokamak building start. Actions included digging and removing around 175,000 m3 of top soil, the loose material, as well as rock blasting works. A standstill period is currently ensuing which allows for a geologist to check that the actual situation is in line with the assumptions used for the construction design and in parallel, the Architect Engineer will further develop this design. A final excavation based on the definitive structural design and the construction of the tokamak ground support structure will then commence.

Progress has also been made on the Polodial Field (PF) coil building: the earth leveling works are complete, concrete pillars that will reinforce and support the steel frame and the crane in the building which will handle the coils, have been erected, and the pouring of concrete for the basemat (the floor of the building) has almost been concluded.

F4E is responsible for the construction of both the tokamak and PF coil building which are progressing well on schedule.

Other works on the site include the foundation work for the west end of the future permanent ITER Headquarters building which is currently being completed. The ground preparation concrete has been poured and ground foundation anchors and other ground preparation works are continuing.