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Media Corner
21 October 2011

See the progress of the ITER construction

E. Rodriguez in front of the PF Coils building

In order to bring you a step closer to the ITER project we took the decision to invest in audiovisual communication. We have decided to highlight F4E’s involvement in two ways: first, through monthly short films presenting the progress of the PF Coils and the Tokamak buildings and second, through a new series of clips taking a more interactive angle by interviewing F4E staff and contractors addressing specific themes such as the Europe’s contribution to ITER, the progress of construction and safety, the technical challenges of key components and buildings.

F4E staff and contractors volunteered to participate in two clips in order to explain the progress of the first two ITER buildings under construction. Filming took place in end of June.

The Poloidal Field (PF) Coils building measures approximately 250 metres long, 45 metres wide and 17 metres high. Due to the impressive weight of the ITER PF Coils, there is no alternative other than assembling them on site.  “Constructing the Poloidal Field Coils Building” presents the impressive size of the building and its specificities with the help of Enrique Rodríguez. The purpose of the PF coils and the extraordinary manner that they will be assembled is explained by Carlo Sborchia whose narrative is complemented by Philippe Martin commenting on the contribution of Spie Batignolles.

We cross the site and move with our camera crew to the Tokamak complex, where the excavation has been completed and work is progressing on time. The construction of the Tokamak complex, the heart of the ITER project, is captured in “The ITER Building- Hosting one of the world’s biggest energy project” which takes us to 20 metres below the ground witnessing the foundations of the building, where Romaric Darbour discusses the key aspects of the Tokamak building and Gaston Hanna reports on its complexity. Didier Combescure, on the other hand, describes broadly the safety aspects that underpin the project and in particular the role of seismic pads.

To watch the other two F4E clips discussing the challenges of “Bringing fusion energy closer” and “Delivering Europe’s contribution to ITER” click here.

 All clips reporting on the progress of the ITER site can be viewed on our media gallery  and the F4E YouTube channel.

R. Darbour at the Tokamak complex