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Media Corner
24 November 2011

Four new clips back to back straight from the ITER construction site.

The main crane of the PF Coils building was installed on 4 October.It weighs more than 90 tonnes. PF Coils Building October 2011

You may recall that in June the first crane of the PF Coils building, weighting 25 tonnes, was installed.

It was the first heavy component that made its entrance to the building.

The arrival however of the main crane early in October, weighing 90 tonnes, made traffic stop in every sense of the word. The impressive entrance of the convoy to the ITER site and the installation of the crane was one of the milestones that marked the progress of the PF Coils building.

Late in October the spreader arrived and got installed in order to lift the load of the PF Coils that would get assembled.

The Tokamak complex has also been going through significant changes.

With the first pouring of concrete taking place in early August, work is now shifting towards the seismic isolators and plinths. Currently, more than 225 plinths and 100 seismic isolators are fixed.

The preparatory works for the pouring of concrete of the retaining walls have started.

The September and October images and clips can now be viewed!