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Media Corner
20 April 2012

The final plinth arrives at the Tokamak complex

Tokamak complex panoramic view with all plinths in place, April 2011

The task began in August last year has been successfully completed on Thursday 19 April thanks to a workforce of 45 people from the NTS and GTM contractors, under the supervision of the F4E team in Cadarache.  During the past nine months, the Tokamak complex has undergone a total transformation since the first cubic metres of concrete were poured. This was a turning point for the construction, which paved the way for the arrival of the plinths and the anti-seismic pads. The team behind the project has been committed to meeting the tight schedule and overcoming all installation constraints.

The precision with which the plinths have been placed indicate the complexity of the construction process. It is these plinths, with the support of anti-seismic pads, that will shoulder the weight of the Tokamak machine. The plinths are placed in the form of concentric circles to mirror the shape of the machine and even the distribution of its load. 

Professor Osamu Motojima, Director General of ITER International Organization, paid a visit to the Tokamak complex to witness the arrival of the last plinth. In parallel, he was briefed on the progress made with regards to the retaining walls which are now fully erected in order to isolate the Tokamak complex from the surrounding soil.

Professor Osamu Motojima, Director General of ITER IO, with representatives from Fusion for Energy and the contractors.