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Media Corner
18 May 2012

Watch the latest clips from the ITER construction site

The F4E team and ITER IO Director General witness the installation of the last anti-seismic bearing

Watch the latest clips from the ITER construction site

Two new clips reporting on the milestones of April and March are released.

The month of April was a turning point for the ITER construction site and in particular for the Tokamak complex. The 493 plinths and the anti-seismic bearings, which will shoulder the weight of the ITER machine, have been fully installed. The retaining walls, made of approximately 800m3 of concrete, have been erected isolating the Tokamak complex from the surrounding soil. A surprise visit at the ITER construction site was paid by Professor Osamu Motojima, ITER International Organization Director General, to witness the sealing of the last anti-seismic bearing.

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