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Media Corner
15 June 2012

F4E signs contract with TWI

Friction stir welding. Copyright TWI

F4E is to receive engineering support on joining and non-destructive testing activities of ITER components.

Testing components in a rigorous manner and identifying possible improvements before assembling them, is a fundamental step in a project as technologically complex as ITER. The need for leading expertise and knowledge transfer is high on the agenda.

In line with above considerations, a framework contract has been signed with TWI Ltd, the World Centre for Materials Joining Technology, for a maximum value of 800,000 EUR over a period of four years to provide F4E with know-how through engineering studies, assessments, technical audits and qualification procedures in the area of joining of components and non-destructive testing technologies.
The results will feed into the manufacturing processes of key structural components like the vacuum vessel and magnets, in-vessel components and the remote handling systems. In addition, modelling activities will be carried out in the areas of heat transfer, prediction of distortions and residual stresses. The F4E has already identified that the Vacuum Vessel and the TF coils will be amongst the first components to perform engineering activities within the framework contract. In the case of the vacuum vessel, a task on friction coefficient testing is envisaged while in the case of the TF coils, the quality of the welding procedure will be assessed.