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Media Corner
17 December 2012

Read about the latest progress on the ITER site and watch our new clip

Progress of the work at the Contractors’ area on the ITER site, November 2012

On the ITER platform, work is progressing well on the Assembly Hall of the Tokamak complex area. This 57 metre high building of 5400 m² is located next to the Tokamak pit, and will host the two main cranes of 750 tonnes that will support the assembly of the components of the ITER machine. In November, the pouring of the blinding concrete was concluded and the reinforcement activities that will end up using approximately 1,400 tonnes of steel carried on. The first plot of structural concrete was poured in mid-November and the next plot will be poured in the next days.
Progress has also been made around the Tokamak complex area where excavation works for pipes, water drainage and galleries have started. As far as the contractors’ area is concerned, the foundations of the canteen building are completed and 70 modular buildings are installed.

To see the latest progress of the site watch the clip.