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Media Corner
04 October 2013

Lunch is now served on the ITER site!

The contractors canteen on the ITER site

The progress of the works on the ITER construction site has this time touched the lives of our contractors. They are the direct beneficiaries of a series of improvements that affect the working conditions and help them settle in smoothly. Since September, the working force has witnessed the transformation of the site which now offers office space, a restaurant and an infirmary.

The ITER construction site has nine designated areas in total to be used by contractors. They each consist of a specific area for storage/workshops that measures approximately 3 000m2 and 1 000 m2 for offices. Two of the areas are already being used by the VFR consortium, which was awarded the landmark engineering contract for the Tokamak complex and surrounding buildings.

Around 30 000 m2 is available for parking offering one space to every five people. Consequently, contractors will be encouraged to carpool and use shuttles. Due to the size of the construction site, a pedestrian path has been built to connect workforces and a free shuttle operates to help people move around.

Currently, the restaurant on site is visited by 100-200 people daily. In future, it is envisaged that the 1 700 m2 restaurant will serve 1 500 meals per day! An infirmary is also open daily and large offices have been completed to host the supervision and coordination activities of the teams involved in the Architect Engineer contract, and health and safety.

To see how the contractors' area is changing visit our image gallery