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29 October 2013

Europe signs its largest ever contract for ITER with GDF SUEZ Group and M+W Group

Representatives of F4E, GDF Suez Group and M+W Group at the signing ceremony

Fusion for Energy (F4E) has signed its largest contract to date with Cofely Axima, Cofely Ineo, Cofely Endel (GDF Suez Group) and M+W Group. The strong expertise of the Franco-German group of companies will be used to provide the building services for the Tokamak complex, where the ITER Tokamak machine will be located, and the surrounding buildings. The contract is expected to run for six years and its budget is approximately 530 million EUR.
Professor Henrik Bindslev, F4E’s Director, stated that “this is an important achievement for Europe not only because of the volume of the contract but also because European companies will be given an unprecedented opportunity to share and acquire new know-how that will generate future business opportunities.” Guy Lacroix, Managing Director of GDF SUEZ Energy Services in charge of Cofely Axima, Cofely Ineo and Cofely Endel confirmed that “being part of the largest international collaboration in the field of fusion energy makes us extremely proud. All the members of the consortium bring together a diversity of skills and expertise which allow us to demonstrate that we can be at the forefront of large scale industrial projects like ITER.”

The ITER site in figures:
The size of the ITER platform is 42 hectares and Europe is the party responsible for the delivery of the 39 buildings that the ITER platform will host. Currently, the personnel directly involved in construction counts 250 people and by the end of 2014 it is expected to reach 2,000 people. One of the key challenges will be to accommodate the needs of the rapidly growing workforce and to guarantee the optimal use of space for the different companies operating on the ground, in order to carry out the construction of all infrastructure in parallel and on time.

The scope and key figures of the contract:
The contract covers the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the mechanical and electrical equipment for the Tokamak complex, which consists of the Tokamak, Diagnostic and Tritium buildings, plus the surrounding buildings which reach a total of 97,200 m3. Thanks to this contract all the necessary works for the ITER Assembly phase will start in order to host ITER’s high tech equipment in compliance with the strict safety requirements and in line with the rigorous qualification tests.

Through this contract a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system will be delivered that is powerful enough to treat the air flow of 1,000,000 m3/hour which corresponds to the volume of air inhaled and exhaled by 3,5 million people every hour. Furthermore, Instrumentation and Control (IC) systems, power supplies, interior and exterior lighting, gas and liquid networks will be installed. State of the art fire detection and extinguishing systems, consisting of 2,000 fire detectors, will be supplied, pipe fittings and handling equipment with various interfaces connecting buildings and systems.

Background information:
Press releases (EN/FR/DE)

View the progress of the ITER construction site:

(left to right): Jean Pascal de Peretti de la Rocca, CEO Cofely Axima, Guy Lacroix, Managing Director GDF SUEZ Energy Services and Henrik Bindslev, Director of Fusion for Energy

(left to right) Jean Pascal de Peretti de la Rocca, CEO Cofely Axima, and Henrik Bindslev, Director of Fusion for Energy