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Media Corner
10 December 2013

Highlights from the ITER construction site

Highlights from the ITER construction site

The works on the ITER construction site have accelerated. Construction is advancing, new facilities are now open and more resources are being deployed. To help you grasp the pace of change, we have produced a short clip selecting the most significant moments of this year until October 2013.

We fly over the Tokamak pit and witness the completion of the retaining walls and reinforcement works. Look out for the round area which is now visible on the pit- it’s where the ITER machine will be located! The Assembly area is also undergoing through changes. To see its complex geometry and the 1400 tonnes of steel being used as reinforcement we offer you some rare footage.

Then, we go 15 metres deep and walk in the pipes of the critical network that form the precipitation and cooling water release system of ITER. The works at the network are truly impressive. Last but not least, we visit the area where we welcome our contractors in new offices, a recently inaugurated restaurant and infirmary.

Watch the clip here