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Media Corner
28 October 2014

How to submit an F4E tender?

European companies get ready to work for the ITER project

The new F4E clip on “How to submit a tender” is a massive blow to the types of clichés associated with public procurement often described as dull, difficult to grasp due to the excessive use of jargon and often considered as a major turn off to submit a tender.

Our mission was to make it easy, clear and engaging for all of you out there considering getting involved in the ITER project! We therefore shook off the grey administrative tone and gave it a dynamic animated and colourful spin. A group of animated characters with good soundites, quick explanations and funny transitions take you by the hand and offer you a guided tour on what F4E does, where to look for more information, what are the main criteria and procurement procedures and how they are evaluated. The aim is to give you a quick overview, almost like a teaser, and if you are seriously thinking of submitting a tender, direct you to the main info points.

It is our first clip in this direction and depending on your feedback we will explore whether to tackle more themes in this way. More versions of the same clip are in the pipeline with subtitles in different languages in order to help companies and fusion laboratories from all over Europe to get involved.

For those of you who would like to learn more about F4E’s contribution to ITER, meet with our members of staff and wish to network with other companies, join us at the Fusion for Energy Forum on 10-12 June in Barcelona- Europe’s biggest business fusion event!

Watch the clip here


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