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26 March 2015

F4E and DAHER sign a multimillion contract for global logistics

The ITER test convoy on its way to Cadarache Copyright: S Benacer/400ASAn

Europe is the host of the biggest international energy collaboration- ITER. Its in-kind contribution is by far the largest out of the seven parties, reaching a level of up to 50% of the costs, and in simple words this means thousands of high-technology components and equipment. F4E has entrusted DAHER, a French company counting more than 150 years of experience in the fields of manufacturing and integrated logistics, with the transport of its share of components. The prestigious deal signed between the parties is in the range of 100 million EUR and is expected to run for at least two years.

From now on for all future F4E contracts, DAHER is named Europe’s exclusive logistics service provider for its impressive share of ITER components. Its mission will be to deliver them to the project’s site, in Cadarache, from many different international locations. As host, Europe will pick up the bill for the services of DAHER used by the other ITER parties- China, Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the US- to transfer their components from Marseille’s Marignane airport or Fos-sur-Mer, its sea port, to Cadarache. The condition, however, is that the other ITER parties will have to use DAHER as logistics provider to ship their equipment to France. Bringing together the different contributions is putting together the pieces of the biggest energy puzzle. Rigorous planning, adaptability and excellent co-ordination between ITER parties, suppliers and French authorities will underpin the implementation of this contract and will reinforce the image of Marseille as an international hub.

The scope of the contract
Approximately 4,000 European loads will be transported through this contract, which will be divided between exceptional loads, as it was the case for the delivery of the water detritiation tanks earlier this month, and conventional loads, such as pumps or more conventional equipment that could fit in containers. In addition, 220 highly exceptional loads will also be transported through this contract. These are components that due to their exceptional weight and size will need to be transported at night, following a specific itinerary, and accompanied by representatives from the forces of the gendarmerie so as to minimise any disturbance that may be caused to locals. Two successful convoy rehearsals have already been conducted in September 2013 and April 2014 for the transportation of such loads. They were carried out by DAHER in collaboration with F4E, ITER International Organization (IO), Agence ITER France and the French local authorities. The arrival of the US transformer in January 2015 made history being registered as the first real highly exceptional load entering the ITER site.

Background information
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Press Release: F4E and DAHER sign a multimillion contract for the global logistics of ITER components (EN) (FR)
MEMO: F4E and DAHER sign a multimillion contract for the transport of ITER components (EN) (FR)