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Media Corner
18 December 2015

Seven ITER buildings in the spotlight

Cladding Cladding of the East façade of the Assembly Building has started – November 2015

Our reporting on the ITER construction site has predominantly focused on the Tokamak slab, the Assembly Hall building and the Site Services building because of the key role they play in the project. The erection of the first wall on the second level (B1 level) of the Tokamak building, separating it from the Diagnostics building, has already started and will be achieved ahead of time. Our efforts to deploy resources effectively and stick to schedule are starting to pay off.

A great deal of progress, however, is noticed to more than seven facilities which have gradually started to take shape reminding us how impressive this project is. The Diagnostics building, which will house the equipment that will measure the different parameters of the ITER machine, is set for a significant construction milestone. The last plot of concrete for its second level slab has been poured, initiating the works of the walls and columns of this new level. This is the most advanced building of the Tokamak complex and during the first quarter of 2016 its evolution will be further noticed.

The ITER Cryoplant facility has also started to attract the attention of civil engineers since its construction kicked off. After having excavated 22 000 m3 and pouring the blinding concrete, the works of the galleries have started. The first wall was poured in December 2015 and the reinforcement of the building’s basement is advancing.

Works ongoing in the galleries of the Cryoplant Buildings – November 2015

After having completed the gallery and walls of the Site Services building, the steel structure has become the new priority. The secondary structure is currently on going, offering a new aspect to the facility. The target to get this building weather tight, which will be providing the site with hot and cold water and gas, is mid-February 2016. There is also good news for the Radio Frequency Building, which will host the radio frequency heating and current drive systems. The excavation has started in early November 2015 and more progress is expected to be made early next year.

Start of earthworks for the Radio Frequency Heating Building with the steel structure of the Site Services Building behind – November 2015

Cladding at the Assembly Hall Building has started! The impressive gigantic white steel structure is progressively being covered with pieces of stainless steel as it is entering its weather tight phase. The works can be clearly seen at the west wing of the building. Its south wing is expected to catch up and we will soon see the start of works of the south door. The building is getting ready for the spectacular installation of the crane rails, estimated to take place during the second quarter of 2016, which will be used to transfer the heavy ITER components to the Tokamak. Next to the Assembly Hall building, one can notice the ground slab of the Cleaning Facility which is expected to be completed in early 2016. The components of the machine will enter this airlock facility to be thoroughly cleaned before they are assembled.

The spectacular lifting operation of the Assembly Hall’s roof top has been one of the most memorable moments on the construction site this year.

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