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Understanding Fusion

Fusion in Culture

Apart from its use in physics, the term fusion has been associated with a style of cuisine and music whose main characteristic is the mix of diverse elements resulting to an interesting match. Over the years, fusion has also inspired movie directors to develop powerful dramas about the quest of the holy grail of energy in films like “The Saint” and “Chain Reaction”, with Elizabeth Shue and Keanu Reaves being portrayed as fusion scientists striving for what is best for humanity.

The challenge to communicate fusion has also been a driving force to put in motion creative ways to illustrate different aspects of the science behind ITER. For instance, the tokamak doughnut was presented at ESOF 2008 in an attempt to explain why tokamaks are commonly known as doughnut reactors and how they operate. At the 2010 Catalan Education Fair, the process of fusion was replicated through a group of 10 percussionists divided into groups of deuterium and tritium, that fused together as the beat turned up. 

Let’s fuse together! Batek Batucada performing at the Catalan Saló del Ensenyament 2010.