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Understanding Fusion

ITER - Our Contribution

Europe’s in kind contribution to ITER

Left: Distribution of ITER parties contribution.  Right: European in kind contribution

Most of the components that make up ITER will be delivered by the ITER parties “in kind”. In other words, they will be providing directly the components themselves rather than contributing cash.

The EU as host party for ITER, will contribute up to 50% of cost and all other parties will each contribute up to about 10%. Europe’s contribution to ITER is managed by Fusion for Energy (F4E). F4E is responsible for the preparation and coordination of the design, research and development (R&D) and fabrication of most of the high-technology components that are required to construct ITER including:

Magnets (nine Toroidal Field (TF) coils and most of the Poloidal Field (PF) coils);

Vacuum Vessel (Seven sectors of the vessel and blanket coolant manifolds);

Blanket (50% of the first wall modules);

Divertor (cassettes and inner vertical target);

Remote Handling (RH) (divertor RH, part of cask transfer system, in vessel viewing and metrology system, and Neutral Beam RH);

Vacuum Pumping and Fuelling (Eight torus and two cryostat cryopumps, some cryopumps for the Neutral Beam system and other systems);

Tritium Plant (hydrogen isotope separation & water detritiation systems);

Cryoplant (approximately one-half of the system);

Power Supplies (pulsed power & steady state power supplies);

Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating System (ICRH) System (equatorial port plug incorporating one ICRH antenna and spares);

Electron Cyclotron Heating System (Four upper port plugs incorporating launchers, 32% of the sources and 14% of the power supplies);

Neutral Beam Heating System (100% assembly and testing and active correction, compensation coils and ~50% of other components);

Diagnostics (11 diagnostic-related systems and enabling of a further three);

Site and Buildings (all the concrete and steel frame buildings);

Waste Treatment and Storage;

Radiological Protection.