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Media Corner


07 February 2014
The European Commission has launched a prize to reward excellent researchers and industries involved in fusion.
05 February 2014
Can you imagine building a section of the ITER Tokamak with Lego?
26 January 2014
Small and big companies put together their resources, expertise and skills to build ITER.
13 January 2014
Monaco International Fusion Energy Days (MIIFED) gain momentum and gather 350 guests from policy, industry and research.
12 December 2013
Broader Approach supercomputer approaches Europe's ICT community.
05 November 2013
The meeting was held to assess the final design of the ITER continuous external Rogowski coils.
28 October 2013
The meeting is a step forward in the procurement of cabling for the diagnostic system inside the ITER vacuum vessel.
25 October 2013
The design, manufacturing and installation of the High Voltage Deck and Transmission Line – vital SPIDER components – was discussed
14 October 2013
F4E taskforce communicates on the progress of ITER and unveils new industrial policy.
03 October 2013
Fusion energy captivates crowds from all over Europe.