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The Bureau assists the Governing Board (GB) in the preparation of its decisions and provides support for communication and co-ordination between the GB, its subsidiary Committees and F4E management. The Bureau manages the preparation of GB meetings by analysing and providing strategic advice and recommendations on its most important dossiers and takes decisions based on specific delegations by the GB.


The Bureau brings together the Chairs of the GB and Committees of F4E, along with representatives from the ITER Host State (France) and Euratom and up to three additional members elected by the GB. The following General Declarations of Interest are prepared in accordance with the Governing Board’s decision of 9 June 2015 concerning Confidentiality, Independence, Preventing and Managing Conflicts of Interest and subject to this Specific Privacy Notice.

Dr Carlos Alejaldre

Chair of the Governing Board
Director General CIEMAT (Center of Research on Energy, Environment and Technology)

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Mrs. Maria Faury

Chair of the Administration and Management Committee
Director of international affairs and large research infrastructures
CEA – Fundamental research division

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Dr. Radomir Panek

Chair of the Technical Advisory Panel
The Institute of Plasma Physics Tokamak Department

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Mr. Ciarán Spillane

Chair of the Audit Committee

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Mrs. Francoise Flament

Chair of the Procurement and Contracts Committee

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Mr. Bertrand Bouchet

Managing Director for European Affairs
CEA- International Relations Division

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Mr Jan Panek

Director “Nuclear energy, safety, and ITER” European Commission (DG ENER)

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Peter Schroth

Head of Division
Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Paola Batistoni

Head of Fusion Development Section

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