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Fusion technology means business opportunities
Europe is responsible for nearly half of the ITER project

The construction of ITER and the investment in the development of fusion energy technology means many business opportunities. F4E works together with European industry, SMEs and research organisations to provide a wide range of high technology components, as well as engineering and support services for ITER. With Europe contributing to nearly half of the project, the possibilities of being part of this unique international collaboration are endless.

Industry, SMEs and research organisations are the backbone of this project and without their commitment, commercial fusion will remain a distant dream. Getting the business sector on board and finding the best possible way to work together is our priority.

The scale of the European investment
We are working with more than 750 companies across Europe

For the period between 2008 and 2019, F4E has signed more than 750 contracts with more than 530 companies and 70 R&D organisations, amounting to an overall value of more than € 5 billion (2008 values). For the period 2021-2027, an equivalent amount is expected to be available for the signature of industrial and R&D contracts for the completion of ITER and the start of its operation.

5.1 Billion
EUR invested in companies and R&D organisations.
40 000
Job years created between 2009-2017 and another 83 000 until 2030
Net value added on EU investment
Reaping the benefits from the ITER project
We are working with more than 750 companies across Europe

Apart from the mere commercial benefits, working in fusion generates a number of benefits for companies: entering new markets, developing new skills and stimulating innovation, transferring know-how and generating applications, building international collaboration and commercial partnerships, setting a new benchmark for fusion technology.

Fostering international collaboration and commercial partnerships

Due to the size the of the ITER project, companies will be part of an unprecedented supply chain offering them the prospect of commercial partnerships with significant financial benefits.

“ITER has given us the opportunity to build international collaborations, access new markets and grow both in size and expertise.
Marianna Ginola
Developing new skills and stimulating innovation

Due to the scale and complexity of the ITER project we need to think out of the box. This one-of-a-kind scientific partnership will help European companies to harness innovation by acquiring new skills and broaden their expertise.

“The scale of the ITER project allowed us to challenge our own methods, and to improve them, to be even more innovative and expert in our field, but also in others.”
Suzanne Roy,
Air Liquide
Business Opportunities
Get involved
Get involved

F4E awards contracts through public procurement and grants in line with the principles of transparency, proportionality, equal treatment and non-discrimination. All economic operators established in the EU – and when specified from the rest of the world – are eligible to apply.

Procurement contracts

F4E launches regular competitive tenders looking for appropriate suppliers to obtain services, goods and works related to the EU contribution to the construction of ITER, the manufacturing of systems and components, as well as other administrative goods and services. Procurement contracts are awarded according to EU public tender procedures which take one of the following forms: open procedure, restricted procedure, negotiated procedure, competitive dialogue, competitive procedure with negotiation and innovation partnership.

View the latest F4E calls

There are also business opportunities through direct contracts with ITER Organization, which is regularly looking for appropriate industrial suppliers for goods and services necessary for the construction, assembly and operation of ITER. The EU candidate suppliers are nominated by F4E following a specific request by the ITER Organization. The nominated companies may afterwards be invited by the ITER Organization to respond to different Calls described below.

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For both F4E and ITER Organization calls, candidates must be established in the territory of a Member of F4E (EU Member States and Switzerland) and must have work experience and a recognised level of expertise, competence and references in the study field.

Grants for R&D work

Grants are direct financial contributions in order to fund R&D actions in support of F4E tasks.
F4E provides part of the cost of the action, the rest coming from own resources. Grants should not result in any economic profit. 

For an overview of all ongoing Calls visit the Industry and Fusion Laboratories Portal. 

Stay informed of upcoming opportunities

All calls for proposals are published on the F4E Industry and Fusion Laboratories Portal.

Industry Liaison Officers

A network of Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) from different European countries works together with F4E to raise awareness regarding funding schemes and ways to get involved in the ITER project. Information days and seminars are planned throughout the year to report on the roadmap of the different procurement packages and facilitate partnerships between companies.

Key Procurement Documents

All the key documents related to the different procurement procedures – including model contracts, general terms and conditions and quality assurance documentation – can be found in this section: Key Procurement Documents