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Procurement and Contracts Committee
The Procurement and Contracts Committee ( “the PCC”) provides the Director with recommendations on the strategies in relation to procurement and grant activities, and the award and follow-up of contracts and other related matters.
  • Recommends the award of important contracts and grants as well as comment on important contract amendments;
  • Comments on draft ITER Procurement Arrangements between Fusion for Energy and the ITER International Organization;
  • Comments upon the overall strategies proposed by F4E for delivering each ITER procurement package;
  • Recommends the individual procurement strategies for important individual calls for tender or proposals in advance of launching contracts or grants;
  • Comments upon the model procurement contracts, grant agreements and framework partnership agreements.


The Chair of the Procurement and Contracts Committee is appointed by the Governing Board for a period of two years, renewable once. The PCC Chair also participates in the meetings of the Governing Board.

Mr Herkko Plit was elected by the Governing Board Chair until 31 December 2020.

Mr Herkko Plit
Deputy Director General, Energy Department
Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland


The PCC comprises 5 members appointed by the Governing Board from among persons with relevant professional experience in contractual and procurement matters. The PCC members have to be independent in the performance of their duties, acting in the general interest of Fusion for Energy. The members of the PCC are appointed by the Governing Board for a period of two years, renewable once.

Mr Jonas Amnéus

Legal Counsel Council of Europe Development Bank

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Mrs Lisbeth Grønberg

Head, Director’s Office (Retired), Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

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Ms Clotilde Hannetel

Founder and Director ACHAZ, Spain

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Mr Miguel Pastor Vinader

Senior Industrial Policy Officer European Space Agency, The Netherland

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Mr Eric Hollis

Chief Finance Officer and Authority Company Secretary and (from 2011), Director, Support Services U K Atomic Energy Authority, United Kingdom

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Procurement and Contracts Committee Rules of Procedure
Amdended to the Rules of Procedure of the Procurement and Contracts Committee