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Discover the
benefits of fusion
for Europe

Europe is at the driving seat of the quest for fusion energy, offering the promise for abundant, safe and sustainable energy for the future.
This important European investment fosters industrial innovation by generating new knowledge and spin-offs, opens new markets and increases the competitiveness of companies, promoting economic growth.
Solving Europe’s
energy supply
More than half of the energy we consume in Europe comes from abroad

Energy is essential to our survival. It is a driving force for progress, peace and prosperity. By having access to sufficient and steady power supply we can bridge inequalities and improve our well-being. Otherwise, we end up depending on other countries to satisfy our energy needs, running the risk of conflict.
Currently in Europe, more than half of the energy we consume comes from abroad at a cost of 1 billion EUR per day. We depend on others at a time of growing geopolitical uncertainty and fierce competition as to who will lead the fourth industrial revolution.

The fuel is abundant reducing the risk of any geopolitical tension. We can extract hydrogen from sea water.
Cleaner energy for all
By 2050 Europe will become the world’s first climate-neutral continent

The EU has set the most ambitious targets in its attempt to lead the battle against climate change by taking further measures and investing in new energy sources. By 2030 greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by 40% and energy efficiency will need to improve by 32.5%. Our aim is to work towards a safe, stable and sustainable mix which consists of different alternatives including fusion energy.

Fusion does not emit greenhouse gases nor produce long-lasting waste
By 2030 greenhouse gas emissions
will be cut by 40%.
Benefits from Europe’s involvement in ITER
Seize the opportunity to innovate and to tap into new markets.

Being responsible for nearly half of the project, Europe is at the driving seat of the energy experiment which offers industry and research organisations unparalleled access to know-how. Manufacturing the European share of components and providing the infrastructure means working with suppliers from all over the world; becoming more competitive by acquiring new skills; entering into new business markets, and learning how to deliver the energy of tomorrow. 

Pushing the boundaries of science and technology leading to expertise and new know-how
5.1 Billion
EUR invested in companies and R&D organisations.
40 000
Job years created between 2009-2017 and another 83 000 until 2030
Net value added on EU investment
Improving competitiveness and fostering growth

ITER will help companies and laboratories to join an international technology race. They will improve in the sectors they operate, work with suppliers from all over the world and tap into new business markets. Creating smart growth and jobs will help Europe become more competitive.

“Thanks to our participation in ITER we have improved our infrastructure, increased and trained our workforce with new tools and processes to manufacture our share of components.”

Jean-Claude Cercassi –

Transferring know-how and generating new applications

To meet the ITER requirements, new applications will need to be developed which will influence the progress we make in various fields. The spin-offs resulting from this project will strengthen Europe’s ability to be creative and boost its business potential.

“This joint venture with F4E, Tamlink and Fluiconnecto has been fruitful. The digital hydraulic solution offers a unique combination of performance and reliability. The project is a good example of transferring research to an application.”

Matti Linjama –
Technical University of Tampere

Setting a new benchmark for fusion technology

Contributing to the biggest energy experiment means pushing forward the boundaries of science and technology. ITER invites research and industrial communities to join forces and become the pioneers that will bring fusion energy one step closer.

“The close collaboration of researchers and engineers, from different research laboratories and companies, has helped us to solve technical issues in order to manufacture the components of fusion devices.”

Pierluigi Zaccaria –
Consorzio RFX

Europe is at the driving seat of the energy experiment which offers industry and research organisations unparalleled access to know-how.