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Media Corner


05 April 2013
The beginning of the JT-60SA Tokamak assembly clearly shows the international collaboration between Europe and Japan.
02 April 2013
The F4E summer studentship programme is the perfect opportunity to learn more about F4E, ITER and working in a European environment.
26 March 2013
A new chapter opens in the construction of the Tokamak pit getting ready to welcome 4,000 tonnes of steel and 14,400 m3 of concrete.
28 February 2013
Four experts guide us through Europe's winding packs facility.
28 January 2013
A new set of images documenting the works on the ITER site and our latest video are now available!
15 January 2013
One of F4E’s largest contracts in the area of the civil engineering works for the construction of the Tokamak complex is signed.
19 December 2012
F4E has awarded the FPA for the design of Diagnostic components for the ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry to three EURATOM associations.
18 December 2012
The signing is a positive milestone in F4E’s efforts to encourage European industry’s know-how in this specialised field of technology.
18 December 2012
The first component of the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) presently under construction has passed the acceptance tests
17 December 2012
A variety of civil engineering works delivering roads, lighting, drainage and trenches kick off. The ITER site gets transformed.