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Latest News

Successful operation in LIPAc accelerator
Teams in Japan and Europe have produced and transported a proton beam in the most advanced configuration of the device to date.
The shape is right!
F4E Metrology experts use photogrammetry to check massive ITER components.
Engineers design equipment to measure the temperature of the plasma-facing components
F4E collaborates with CEA, CIEMAT, INTA and Bertin Technologies to develop the ITER Equatorial Wide Angle Viewing System.
VAC-TRON receives F4E Technology Transfer Award
The SME specialised in hermetic interconnectors is ready for big business in the oil and gas industry.
How will we monitor the temperature of ITER plasma?
F4E collaborates with IDOM to design diagnostics system.
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F4E is responsible for Europe’s contribution to ITER, which amounts to half of the project’s costs and translates into a wide range of business opportunities for companies and R&D organisations. Europe’s involvement in ITER offers them the possibility to extend their new know-how and gain access into a new energy market.

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The Broader Approach (BA) Agreement, signed between Europe and Japan, consists of activities which complement ITER. Research experiments and the testing of new technologies will help us to deliver fusion energy. F4E is co-ordinating the European contribution to the BA experiments. The resources are largely volunteered by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.  

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The mission of F4E is to make fusion energy a reality through its involvement in ITER and the Broader Approach. This know-how will also be used towards the development of commercial fusion power plants. These international cutting-edge projects attract talented and committed professionals from all over Europe.

Europe is at the forefront of developing one of the most promising long-term energy options: fusion power.