Big Science promotes industry innovation

F4E participated in this year’s Big Science Business Forum (BSBF) third webinar on 18 February 2021, which aimed at explaining, “How industry and research infrastructure can innovate the big science market”. The event was considered a great success gathering a virtual audience of over 450 people. Contributions from different speakers gave participants great insight into the significance of scientific innovations. The success lies not only with the organising team, but also with the numerous speaker from F4E, and other scientific organisations such as CERN, ESA, EMBL, CDTI, PERIIA and some academic bodies, such as UPM.

Victor Saez, F4E Commercial Department, introduced the topic of technology transfer by highlighting the contributions made by different specialised companies contracted by F4E. He also presented the new F4E technology transfer website. The wider aim of the talk was to raise awareness amongst a targeted audience, highlighting the value of their involvement in the work performed by F4E. It also presented to those not familiar with the work of F4E, its mission and areas of work. By making contractors feel privileged to work with F4E, there is scope for future collaboration and recognition. Most of all, there is a clear opportunity for companies to further build their reputation and become more competitive in other areas.

Research and development in this context aims to develop the path to fusion energy, but in carrying out certain tasks there is always potential for new breakthroughs in related or even unrelated fields.

The achievements of the virtual event once again raised expectations for the upcoming physical event, now scheduled for autumn 2022. A formal communication will be issued shortly with a new date announced on the BSBF website.