Can your fusion breakthrough be applied to other domains?

Europe’s contribution to ITER has made it possible for companies and laboratories to participate in one of the most ambitious international experiments in the field of energy, counting millions of components. F4E manages nearly half of the project, which in essence means more opportunities to push forward technological boundaries.

Think of Europe’s involvement as your ticket to a big science project bringing together a wide range of technologies. Our mission is to go beyond the state of art, capitalise on expertise from different disciplines, that could potentially deliver a breakthrough. Some of the success stories follow a very linear progress pattern, resulting from years of research and investment in the field. Others, however, unfold almost by accident, stumbling into an application or developing skills, that can be transferred into other domains. This is where creativity kicks in, and commercial instincts, to identify new markets.

From the very start, F4E has been encouraging its industrial partners to see the big picture, make the most out of their fusion know-how and try exporting it. In parallel, we have invested in a series of tools to financially support those interested.  A dedicated website offering an overview of F4E’s technology transfer marketplace showcases several success stories and provides incentives for more to follow. A new call of F4E’s “Technology Transfer Award” is now open to apply until 19 May 2023. A financial award of 10 000 EUR will be given to the winner.

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