F4E Suppliers Satisfaction Survey launched


Fusion for Energy (F4E) is committed to increasing supplier satisfaction. As in 2020, we are asking our industrial partners to evaluate our contractual performance and other relevant administrative practice.

The F4E Market Analysis Group is contacting by e-mail those companies that signed contracts with F4E during 2020-2021 to participate in the survey.  If you fulfil the requirements but have not received the invitation yet, please contact us at SRM@f4e.europa.eu.

The survey consists of a set of qualitative questions to assess the level of agreement/satisfaction in several areas: satisfaction with F4E practices; F4E meeting expectations regarding unforeseen events and changes; satisfaction with F4E’s responsiveness; evaluation of business relationship with F4E and willingness to keep doing business with F4E. Respondents also have the possibility to include recommendations for improvement in different areas.

The questions are similar to those of the survey published in 2020 to draw comparisons, and evaluate the evolution of our suppliers’ satisfaction over time.