Fusion energy – an EU flagship investment for green transition

F4E Director Marc Lachaise highlighted the case of fusion at an event in Barcelona. ©European Commission

As the global landscape becomes increasingly complex, Europe is tackling significant geopolitical challenges ranging from public health and the digital economy to climate change and energy supply. The key to addressing them all lies in innovation- the fifth freedom of the EU single market, a term coined by Enrico Letta in his report “Much more than a market”. In this context, Europe needs to seize the potential of new industrial and research ecosystems in fields like nanotechnologies, hydrogen, or fusion.

The European Union has set the environmental and digital transitions among its priorities and is investing heavily in strategic sectors to secure them. Fusion for Energy (F4E) participated in the conference ‘EU investment in strategic projects: an outlook from Catalonia’, organised by the European Commission office in Barcelona, Spain, and the Government of Catalonia. The event showcased some of the main projects present in the region of Catalonia that have received, or aspire to receive, support and funding from the EU.

F4E Director, Marc Lachaise, presented the technological and financial merits of fusion at the panel discussing green and industrial transformation. He explained how fusion is a low-emission and safe source of energy, that can generate a lot of power with a small quantity of fuel. This holds a great potential for the EU, which aims at becoming climate neutral by 2050. “F4E is the perfect example of how the EU invests in innovation and competitiveness for the European industry whilst advancing towards a decarbonised economy and strategic autonomy”, he claimed.

speakers during the round table
The speakers during the roundtable on green and industrial transformation: (L-R) Veronica Kuchinow, Símbiosy; Isaac Justícia, Catalonia Hydrogen Valley; Joan Ramon Morante, Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC); Maria Salamero i Sansalvadó, Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia; Marc Lachaise, Fusion for Energy (F4E); Marina Arnaldos, Cetaqua Barcelona. ©European Commission

Earlier in the day, former Prime Minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, outlined the challenges and opportunities for the future of the EU Single Market. “The EU should add a fifth freedom to bolster research, innovation, knowledge, data” he asserted. Building on this, Marc Lachaise pointed to fusion as a model of a “growing innovative ecosystem underpinned by collaboration between industry, SMEs and start-ups in Europe”.

former prime minister of Italy
Former Prime Minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, delivered a keynote speech on his recent report ‘Much more than a market’. ©European Commission

During the event, F4E also exhibited its work in a stand offering participants information about its projects and a virtual tour on the ITER site.