How will research infrastructures deal with logistics in future?


The RI.Logistica conference is an online event designed for research infrastructures, their users and collaborators, companies in the supply chain management, and governmental authorities to discuss all aspects of logistics critical for research facilities and laboratories. It will take place on 19-20 May 2021. F4E in collaboration with DAHER will be sharing their experiences on the ITER logistics and the transport of the biggest fusion device’s components.

Whether you are an office manager who coordinates the remote access of scientists, a professional working in the field of logistics, a user of different research infrastructures, a service provider, or staff responsible for the handling of deliveries at a research infrastructure, RI.Logistica is an event for you.

Check the programme and register to join the event here.

The conference offers a unique opportunity to engage with supply chain experts and learn from them. Discover news ways to streamline processes, harness data management software to automatise and track deliveries, and optimise cross-border transportation of goods, which require customs clearance. 

The leading theme and primary goal of RI.Logistica is to get science in place. The event will promote the transfer of know-how from the logistics industry to the research infrastructures landscape in Europe by establishing a new forum for best practice. By doing so, RI.Logistica will support research infrastructures in developing in-house expertise that will allow them to address any logistics challenge. In research, these challenges may vary from the shipment of tiny samples invisible to the naked eye, to the transportation of vaccines under strict temperature conditions, and moving of giant scientific equipment across continents.